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Professor Qiangbin Wang
Office Tel: 0512-6287262
Group office Tel: 0512-62872634/2685

  • 1996  B.S. degree in Chemistry from Petroleum University of China
  • 1999  Master degree in Chemistry from Petroleum University of China
  • 2002  Ph.D. in Material Sciences from East China University of Science and Technology
  • 2002-2004  Research Associate at Shanghai Jiaotong University 
  • 2004-2008  Postdoctoral Associate and Assistant Research Professor at Arizona State University
  • 2008  Professor in the Division of Nanobiomedicine at SINANO, CAS
Research Interests
  • Inorganic functional nanomaterials
  • Biomacromolecular self-assembly
  • Molecular imaging and their applications in biomedicine
Honours and Awards
  • Outstanding Young Scholars Award of Jiangsu Natural Science Fund
  • Outstanding Young Scholars Award of the National Natural Science Fund
  • Distinguished Lectureship Award of the Japanese Chemical Society
  • Awardee of the State Council Special Allowance by the Government
  • Awardee of the First Prize of 2017 Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award 
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Deputy Director of SINANO, CAS
  • Director of the Key Laboratory of Nano-Bio Interface of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Associate Director of the Academic Committee of SINANO, CAS
  • Associate Director of the Degree Committee of SINANO, CAS
  • Council Member of the Chinese Chemical Society
  • Associate Secretary General of the Nano Chemistry Branch of the Chinese Chemical Society
  • Associate Director of the Imaging Materials and Technology Branch of the China Biomaterials Society
  • Member of the Standing Committee of the Nanomedicine Engineering Branch of the China Biomedical Engineering 
Journal Editorials
  • Editorial Committee Member of Journal of Nano Research
  • Editorial Committee Member of Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

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