1、Development of novel Nano-probes and imaging techniques for in vivo imaging of tissue regeneration---Strategic Priority Research Program (XDA01030200)

2、Nanotechnology for in vivo stem cell tracking---Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2011CB965004)

3、Tracking of Transplanted MSCs in Living Mice Using NIR Ag2S QDs in Combination with Luciferase Reporter Gene---National Natural Science Foundation of China(81401464)

4、Visual diagnosis and therapy of tumor angiogenesis in vivo based on near-infrared Ag2S quantum dots--National Natural Science Foundation of China (21303249)

5、Ordered assembly of hierachical protein nanostructures based on asymmetric functionalization-- National Natural Science Foundation of China (31271076)

6、Controlled synthesis of three dimensional microstructures composed of single layer nanosheets and their electrocatalysis behaviors-- National Natural Science Foundation of China (21501192)

7、Synthesis and biological applications of inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals--the national science foundation for distinguished young scholars2142500224

8、Engineered Ag2S quantum dot-based nanoplatforms for tumor vessel targeting and therapy!Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (BK20130366)



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